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Scripler is a way to write and publish ebooks. Your books will be beautiful, fully functional and ready for distribution. Oh, and it's free.

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It’s free

It is free to create books with Scripler. As a Free user there is a limit on how many books you can store and work on: Three projects at a time. There are no surprising fees and Scripler does not take any cuts from whatever proceeds you get from selling your book.

Premium subscription for heavy users

Premium is for the user who plans on working on more books and who wants more control over the design of the book. The Premium plan is a monthly paid subscription of €9.99 that gives you more space for books and more freedom to change and customize the design of your book.

Fully functional ebooks

Scripler makes ebooks in EPUB format, the definitive international and open standard for ebooks. Easily insert frontmatter, backmatter and metadata. All elements are designed for the book template you currently use.

Great typography and design

Make professionally designed typography with Scripler’s book templates. You’ll have a wide selection of great fonts and full control of the typography. Easily insert images and figures.


Import your manuscript from Word. Just upload it and Scripler will convert it to a well-formatted book project, ready for polishing and final book production.

Publish directly to the web

Share your work immediately by publishing to the web - directly from the Scripler. Anyone with the link can read your book in the browser using the Scripler reader. And if you make changes to your book, simply update to the latest version. You can even embed your book on any page like you would a Youtube video.




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Scripler will make the ebook revolution accessible to anyone who has something to say.


The Scripler Team

David Walther Birk — Project Lead

Is actually an archaeologist!

Morten Garbøl Franck — Developer

Is addicted to: a) Lists

Allan Mørk Christensen — Developer

Solves the Rubik’s Cube (very slowly)

Sofie Marie Ottsen — Communications

Plays the saxophone (really poorly)

Kaspar Sivertsen — Graphic designer

Has no special characteristics whatsoever





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David Walther Birk — Project Lead

Sofie Marie Ottsen — Press & Media


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